Emerson automates ultra-supercritical power-gen

Emerson Process Management is automating two new 1000-MW, ultra-supercritical, power-generating units at the Jiangsu Xinhai power plant with its OvationTM expert control system.

By using ultra-supercritical technologies – which offer both higher efficiency and lower emissions than traditional coal-based electricity generation – Jiangsu Guoxin Investment Group Limited is supporting economic growth in Eastern China in an environmentally responsible way.

Emerson’s Ovation technology has been selected for 40 of 64 1000-MW ultra-supercritical units in China. The system’s ability to more tightly control operations is essential for achieving and maintaining ultra-supercritical unit efficiency.

The new Units 5 and 6 will replace two old, less-efficient 220-MW units that have been decommissioned. Unit 5 is slated to go into commercial operation during fall 2012; Unit 6 is scheduled to come online the following year.

Emerson will supply a total of 66 Ovation controllers and 16 workstations. Ovation technology will monitor and control boilers and turbines supplied by Shanghai Electric Group. The Ovation system will also perform data acquisition, as well as manage each unit’s flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system, modulating control system, sequence control system, electrical control system, furnace safety supervisory system, feed-water turbine control system and balance-of-plant processes. In all, Ovation will manage 28,000 I/O points.

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