EcoTowerSort for stainless steel

Eriez, headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, has combined magnetic separation and metal sorting technology with the introduction of the EcoTowerSort. The compact machine enables total recovery of valuable metals at a lower overall investment cost. EcoTowerSort can be used for the sorting of aluminum, stainless steel, copper cables and heavy fractions. It even recovers stainless steel and plastic coated wires. Different modular sorting technologies are utilized within the EcoTowerSort system. Common configurations include rare earth drum separators, eddy current separators, inductive sensor sorter, or combinations of these different technologies. The vertical stacked design saves space by eliminating numerous conveyor and feeder systems, making it easy to integrate it into an existing plant. More decks can be added as needed. Top to bottom, a typical EcoTowerSort configuration consists of a Rare Earth Drum Magnet, Eddy Current Separator, ProSort Metal Sorter and Inductive Sensor Air Sorter. Machines are available in widths of 24in to 118in. Customers select bottom or top blowing designs.
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