Delmar installs tree systems

Delmar Systems Inc. has recently used the Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) to successfully install three of the heaviest tree systems in the world. These 240,000lb systems were installed at BP’s Viosca Knoll 915 (King South) and Mississippi Canyon 129 (Dorado) locations in October 2008 in water depths of 5600ft at King South and 3500ft at Dorado using the Edison Chouest AHV. Delmar Systems Inc. has used this patented HCLS technology for installing a variety of different components ranging from construction to field maintenance activities. This installation method has now been used for over 150 subsea tree installation as well as a number of equipment recovery campaigns for equipment refurbishment and reuse. It has also been used in the Gulf of Mexico, Angola, and Brazil.
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