Dedication and Perseverance Drive Steelmaking Director’s Global Career

When Pablo Enoc Hernández, steelmaking director, was studying a technical career in metallurgy at the Centro de Estudios Mexicano Alemán (CETMA), he knew that Tenaris was one of the leading steel companies in Mexico and the world, but he never imagined that two years after completing his training, he would join its ranks.

Now, as the steelmaking director at Tenaris’s steel plant in Mexico, he is in charge of the operations team of the melting furnace and the two refining furnaces of the mill and has had to face emblematic projects such as the implementation of the fume collection system and the change of the collector to reduce emissions, both of which have been strategic environmental projects for Tenaris in Mexico.

During his three decades at Tenaris, Hernández has shown that “with perseverance, clear objectives and the desire to do things well, you can develop and grow,” he shares.

For Hernández, working in steelmaking has been a paramount move in his career, and beyond all the enriching aspects of being part of an industrial process like the one he leads, “the best thing has been working with very professional people who have accompanied me, who have trained me and whom I have had the opportunity to teach.”

Courtesy of Tenaris.

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Shopia Ketheeswararajah is a feature editor contributing to Pump Engineer, Stainless steel World Americas, Hose and Coupling World, and other related print & online media.