Coxreels’ variety of stainless steel reels

Coxreels, a manufacturer of stainless steel reels and powder-coated steel reels with stainless steel fluid paths, has begun to offer various stainless steel-grade choices to its customers in order to meet exact specification needs.

With the addition of these new stainless steel options, Coxreels customers can choose from 316 and 304 stainless steels for the fluid paths on various reel types in order to best match the necessary corrosion resistance of the real, according to the application. 

Coxreels stainless steel reel spools and frames will remain 302/304 grade stainless and are optionally available in an electro-polished finish for additional corrosion resistance.

The 302/304-grade stainless steels are most commonly found in most applications where corrosion resistant steel is required, such as food and beverage, sanitation, dairy, pharma, appliances, and sinks. The 316-grade stainless steel is more commonly seen in marine applications, some acidic fluids, chemicals that end in ‘ine’ such as chlorine and bromine, and also is often specified when long-lasting appearance is desired.

Image courtesy of Coxreels
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