Cortec introduces new corrosion protection technology

Cortec has launched its latest CorroLogic® vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI®) technology, designed to prevent corrosion during transport and temporary storage, extending pipelines’ structural life.

Cortec scientists and engineers have developed a number of products that prevent pipeline corrosion before installation.

Corrologic CorrCaps™ are heavy wall black polyethylene pipe caps containing VpCI that protects pipe threads and pipe ends from corrosion, mechanical damage and contamination.

A second product using VpCI technology – Corrologic Tube Strips – is an alternative to pipe coatings to protect the interior of pipes, particularly effective at protecting stainless steel and aluminium pipes.
The Tube Strip is an 8.5 mm diameter flexible strip that is placed inside an equal length of pipe, which is then capped or sealed; when the vapours from the strip saturate the air inside the pipe, VpCI vapours passivate the metal surface and stop the corrosion process.

These technologies are designed to help asset owners better manage material loss caused by electrochemical and chemical deterioration of metals during manufacturing, transportation and transit storage.
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