Classic Tube swivel handle bender

Classic Tube has released the Classic Tube swivel handle bender (#3820), which can be repositioned anytime during a bend. You can bend any 3/8in tubing using indicators at 15 degree increments, and this tool will bend from 1 degree up to a full 180 degrees. This bender will also eliminate scoring or flattening of the tubing. The handle bender features an open side design, which slips over the tube at any point. It’s calibrated to show the angle of the bend and also features a wide hook that grips the tube securely. The design of this bender provides for precise control, stability and leverage. Radius to the center of the tube is 5/16in, and you can bend right or left hand turns. Classic Tube has hand held benders for 3/16 to 1/2in tubing.

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