Bri-Steel establishes North American benchmark

Bri-Steel Manufacturing, North America’s large diameter seamless pipe producer, has produced a 36-inch diameter seamless pipe for the first time in North America.
“This was not only the largest we made but the greatest expansion, over 12 inches,” said Bri-Steel Manufacturing’s Plant Manager, Vern Gorman. “This now opens the doors for opportunities to produce not only 36 inch, but also 32–34 inch, creating even more options and opportunities for the consumers when they engineer their jobs. Producing standard wall is always the most difficult in large seamless production. Success in standard allows us to produce all the heavier walls also up to our maximum thickness. So now our production range from 14 inch through 36 inch OD with wall thickness up to, in some cases, 2-3/8 inches is now proven and official.”
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