Behind-the-scenes factory tour: Ceretta Candy Factory

In the June issue of Stainless Steel World Americas, we published a recent factory tour we were invited on by the Ceretta Candy Company, while we were on a recent trip to the gorgeous state of Arizona.

Ceretta Candy is a popular and much beloved local business. Located in the city of Glendale, only nine miles northwest from Downtown Phoenix, Ceretta Candy is celebrating its 50th anniversary of making French Mints, Marshmallow Caramels, and Almond Bark, al- though the company has been creating these sweet treats from its current location for the past 29 years. 

We were already looking forward to touring the factory floor to see for ourselves the many different ways that stainless steel, especially the 300-series, can be used throughout a candy manufacturing plant, but we were even more eager when we were told that all of the currently operating machinery date anywhere from the late 1920s until the late 1960s. In fact, they are the very same machines that the company began using when it first opened. Needleless to say we had many questions such as, ‘How are the machines kept in such good working order?’ and ‘Where do you find parts for the machines?’ Luckily for us, Ceretta Candy’s Esther Sorenson acted as our personal tour guide and she not only answered all of our questions but also gave us a thorough understanding of the importance of using stainless steel throughout a factory such as this one. 

To read the full article, please turn to pages 4 and 5 in the June issue of Stainless Steel World Americas. You can also contact Candace Allison at to request a PDF copy of the article. 

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