Avoid pitting, crevice & corrosion with Inconel 625

Inconel 625 has proven to be a material with excellent resistance to pitting, crevice and corrosion cracking. It is also highly resistant in a wide range of organic and mineral acids, and has good high temperature strength. 

Inconel has almost complete freedom from chloride induced stress corrosion cracking, and a high resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures up to 1050°C. It also has good resistance to acids, such as nitric, phosphoric, sulfuric and hydrochloric, as well as to alkalis makes possible the construction of thin structural parts of high heat transfer.
Applications include: 

 – Components where exposure to sea water and high mechanical stresses are required.
 – Oil and gas production where hydrogen sulfide and elementary sulfur exist at temperature in excess of 150°C.
 – Components exposed to flue gas or in flue gas desulfurization plants.
 – Hydrocarbon processing from tar-sand and oil-shale recovery projects.

Image credit: High Performance Alloys, Inc.
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