APL’s Stonewall plant begins operations

Atlas Pipeline Partners’ (APL) Stonewall plant located in the Arkoma section of the Woodford Shale has now begun operations and will be adding capacity to APL’s SouthOK system.

The Stonewall plant, a new cryogenic processing facility on the SouthOK system, has started at an initial processing capacity of 120 MMcf/d. The plant is currently processing liquids in start-up mode and will be fully operational over the next few days.

Due to an increase in activity in Southern Oklahoma, there are already plans in place to bring the plant’s total processing capacity to 200 MMcf/d. This expansion will add refrigeration and compression services at the plant and will result in a total gross processing capacity of 580MMcf/d on the SouthOK system. It is estimated that the expansion will cost between eight and ten million USD. Construction will be completed by Centrahoma.

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