Allied Alloys acquires Blue Alloys

Allied Alloys announced the acquisition of Blue Alloys, a stainless steel and specialty alloys processor based in LaGrange, Kentucky. The purchase of the former Blue Alloys, now to be known as Allied Alloys Midwest, became effective as of 1 September 2014. Allied Alloys Midwest will be managed by an ownership group comprising the former management of Blue Alloys, members of Allied Alloys, and Andrew Yaffe. This collaboration allows Allied Alloys to extend its commitment to customer service into the Midwest, ensuring continued and expanded supply of material for the USA mills while adding a fifth processing facility for delivery by suppliers.

By adding the facility in LaGrange to Allied Alloys’ existing facilities in Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles, Allied Alloys will extend its ability to serve domestic and international customers and suppliers.

“We are thrilled with the investment by the members. We look forward to elevating the experience of our consumers and expanding our reach through new synergies and product development,” said Steve Jones, president of Allied Alloys Midwest. “Through this collaboration with Allied Alloys Midwest, we will better serve and offer more outlets to the recycling sector. Our mission is enhanced by our diversified ownership’s legacy of excellence and international reach,” said Mitch Greenberg, co-founder of Allied Alloys.

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