Aleph Objects continues to improve 3D printing

Aleph Objects, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Colorado, has released the TAZ Workhorse Edition.
With a build volume 14% larger than the TAZ 6 and a new belt-driven Z-axis, the TAZ Workhorse has been designed to deliver bigger, faster, and higher quality 3D prints, for the most demanding environments.
The machine includes new developments such as a reinforced frame and sturdier electrical connectors for better durability, while also improving the print quality. Unlike previous models, the TAZ Workhorse features a lightweight Hardened Steel E3D Titan Aero hotend and extruder. This includes a Hobb-Goblin 5mm ID Drive Gear made from stainless steel which is said to deliver superior overhang and bridge performance. Additionally, the TAZ Workhorse has been equipped with an automatic X/Y/Z backlash compensation feature for improved print accuracy.
Image courtesy of Aleph Objects
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