Alacero: Finished steel production grows 4%

The Latin American Steel Association (Alacero) has reported that for the first two months of this year, January and February 2015, production in South America has increased four percent, apparent steel use grew by right percent and total steel imports rose to 32 percent.
In Jan/Feb 2015, Latin America produced 10.8 million tons of crude steel,
three percent more than the volume of Jan/Feb 2014. Brazil accounted for 52 percent of the regional output (5.7 million tons), showing a growth of five percent. In the same period, Latin America produced 9.3 million tons of finished steel, four percent more than in Jan/Feb 2014. Brazil was the largest producer (4.3 million tons), 46 percent share of the Latin American output. Mexico came second (with 2.9 million tons), 32 percent of the regional production.

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