AISI redesigns website

On 08 September 2008, the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) launched a re-design of the public policy section of its website ( The new design provides relevant information in a more easily-accessible manner for those website visitors interested in the policy positions of the American steel industry. The site now provides a new section titled “Policy Resources” where visitors can go to view AISI policy analysis, steel fact sheets, AISI testimony, AISI-supported legislation, and other important resources related to the policy positions of the industry. In addition, the new site highlights the “Take Action” feature where visitors can participate in grassroots-level activities, such as contacting their elected officials, review issues, legislation and a comprehensive election guide. One notable change to the site is that AISI’s policy agenda can now be viewed by individual policy issue, making it more user-friendly. AISI has also utilized images and facts from its New Steel Campaign to highlight important messages about the steel industry.
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