Air Actuated Sanitary Butterfly Valve- All Stainless

Valworx all-stainless air actuated sanitary butterfly valves are typically used for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and pet care applications where 3-A sanitary construction is required, as well as for utility, process and corrosive environment applications where quick clamp applications are needed. Available with spring return or double-acting stainless pneumatic actuators.

All Valworx sanitary butterfly valves feature 316L stainless steel body and disc for superior corrosion resistance. EPDM seals are FDA-approved for food contact. Highly polished internals (32 Ra finish) for smooth, hygienic surface finish. Actuators feature 316 stainless construction and IP66 weatherproof enclosure suitable for washdown applications.

Sanitary butterfly valves can offer a lower cost solution than sanitary ball valves while sanitary ball valves can withstand higher temperatures and pressures.

Courtesy of Valworx.

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