Aegis PowerGuard

Graver Technologies, a supplier of filtration, separation, and purification products, has introduced a new line of stainless steel backwashable precoat septa for reactor water cleanup, fuel pool and other specialty applications in nuclear power generation. Aegis PowerGuard all metal septa are designed to fit original Graver bottom tube sheet installations with OEM supplied nuclear adapter end fittings. This avoids the removal of original hardware to minimize the possibility of internal damage and personnel exposure during replacement. Aegis PowerGuard elements incorporate Poroplate, a sintered metal design that allows for precise control of porosity (from 2 to 200 microns). Key features include low pressure drop; virtual elimination of contaminant leakage; high strength; excellent resistance to corrosion and fatigue; collapse strengths over 400 PSID; low carbon 316L stainless steel construction; operating temperatures up to 1000F; and excellent cleaning and precoating characteristics. They are available as individual elements or as pre-assembled tube bundles, and can be supplied in any diameter, length, and end fitting configuration.
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