When is the deadline or submission date?

Approximately two weeks before the deadline date of each individual publication you will be contacted with a reminder that the deadline is approaching, with the format and colour of your advertisement.

You can also find the deadline dates and editorial program here.

All advertising material, including any copy changes, must be received by the deadline date.

I don’t want to receive deadline reminders, as I will be using one advertisement for the whole year.

No problem, just send e-mail confirmation that you want to repeat your advertising material, and for how long, we will do the rest.

I have booked advertisements in several different KCI publications and I get reminder mails from several different people – can I just talk to one person?

Just let us know  – we will allocate one contact person for all your advertising, within KCI. We have native English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, and Dutch speakers within the team who can help.

My marketing department need the advertising measurements where can we get them?

All the measurements are available on the copy requirements pages. Or you can contact us and we can send them to you directly.
All measurements are given as height  x  width  – regardless of orientation (horizontal or vertical)

What is bleed?

Usually for full page advertisements. A bleed advertisement is one that goes right  to the edge of the page. Advertising material that will “bleed” must include a 3mm margin beyond the edges of the advertisement, as it will appear on the final printed version.
Crop marks (marks to show where the printed page is to be trimmed to) to ensure correct positioning on the page, must also be provided on “bleed” advertising material.

How can I send my advertising material to you?

Most commonly, advertising material is sent as pdf of jpeg as an attachment to an e-mail. We also accept other formats, and have facilities, available on request, for transfer of larger files.

Important points to remember

Image resolution: must be a minimum of 300 dpi to achieve the necessary sharpness in print
Full colour material: in CMYK.
Black and white material: in greyscale

We are exhibiting at a show, can we put an invitation to our stand on our advertisement?

Yes we can help! Please contact us so we can discuss options.

Can I use the same advertising material in the Magazine as the Newspaper?

This depends on the size and orientation of your advertisement – in most cases an advertisement from an A4 (magazine) can easily be adapted to an A3 (newspaper) advertisement. But you will be advised by your advertising material contact if this is not possible.

I want my advertisement on a special position how do I arrange that?

Special position requests are usually discussed at the point of sale, and many special positions are booked far in advance; However if you would like a special position we are always happy to discuss availability and possible alternatives with you.

I want to change the month my advertisement is published is that possible?

As long as we receive the information before the deadline of the initial booking, we can re-allocate you advertisement.
Highly recommended: When allocating months of publication for your advertisement, have a look at the editorial program, this will not only help you to see information about special topics for each issue but also bonus distribution that will help you chose the month/s of maximum potential to reach your clients. The editorial programs can be found on the website or sent to you on request.

Can I get a copy of the magazine/Newspaper with my advertisement?

Yes – all advertisers and advertising agencies automatically receive a complimentary copy (digital or printed) of the issue in which their advertisement is published.

Terms and conditions of advertisement publication

While KCI Publishing makes every effort to assist and inform you of our requirements, it is the clients responsibility to provide suitable advertising material. If you provide material that does not conform to these standards, KCI cannot accept responsibility for poor production quality and may not  publish.
Any production work undertaken on your behalf will be recharged at cost.

Further details of all KCI Advertising Terms and Conditions can be found at https://kci-world.com/general-terms/.