Acieta FastArc CW Cobot Takes Care of Simple Welding Tasks

Acieta offers the FastArc CW cobot, designed to perform simple welding tasks so that job shops and manufacturers can assign more challenging, complex jobs to skilled welders.

The system includes a FANUC CRX-10iA/L 6-axis robot mounted on a mobile platform to move quickly among production areas. It is compatible with Fronius, Lincoln Electric, and Miller welding units. According to the company, ROI with this standard, pre-engineered cobot is as little as six months, based on two shifts.

Intuitive software and a touchscreen interface help simplify setup and operation, and one person can operate several of the cobots simultaneously. People can work safely side-by-side loading and unloading parts while the cobot welds, so the system runs continually. If the low-speed arm bumps into a person or object, the cobot stops immediately. No safety fencing is needed.

Courtesy of Acieta.

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