Accent Stainless Steel planning US head office

Accent Stainless Steel is planning to move into the US market by building their new headquarters in Horry County, South Carolina.
The Canadian company, which specializes in manufacturing Newlands Systems brand stainless steel products for the food and beverage, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries, will be investing $3.1 million to create 65 brand new manufacturing jobs at the new headquarters. The highly skilled positions will pay approximately $22/hour, which is 65 percent higher than Horry County’s current average wage.

The company is already working with a real estate developer to build and lease a new 50,000 square-foot-facility with plans for it to be operational by the end of this year. Since the micro-brewing industry is quickly increasing across North America, Accent Stainless Steel’s President and Technical Director, Brad McQuhae, saw the expansion as an opportunity to move their production closer to their biggest clients as well as opening the doors to additional business opportunities in the area.

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