10-year warranty on Zahroof valve housings

Zahroof Valves Inc. has introduced its innovative compressor valve, which offers an unprecedented 10-year warranty on its stainless steel valve housings.

Depending on application, up to 20 percent of power required to operate a reciprocating compressor is lost in the compressor’s valves – with losses increasing at higher operating speeds and higher molecular weights. In addition, the leading cause of unplanned compressor down-time is directly attributed to failures in the compressor valve, which results in costly lost production and repair costs.

The ZVI StraightFlo Valve (SFV) is a patent-pending reciprocating compressor valve technology that offers improvements in valve performance indicators through its unique design based on Modular Reed Valve technology. It can help improve valve efficiency up to 40 percent. It also has a 10-year warranty on the stainless steel valve housing and is manufactured to the American Petroleum Institute Standards: API-618.

The SFV consists of a stainless steel valve seat and carrier which houses standard modules that contain all of the wear within itself allowing for quick and easy service.

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