US steel mill update

ThyssenKrupp AG is expected to create several thousand more US construction jobs this year as its USD 4 billion steel mill in Alabama remains on schedule for completion. The plant, about 30mi north of Mobile, is to employ about 2700 steel workers when it is fully operational next year. ThyssenKrupp, based in Duesseldorf, has announced plans to delay the start of stainless steel production at the Calvert mill because of a steep drop in demand amid the global recession. But it plans no delay in construction of the mill or in a separate carbon steel operation, which will produce more than the stainless steel side. Mobile harbor’s new USD 100 million loading dock, which will handle steel slabs from the plant, could be completed by December and is designed to survive hurricane floodwaters. The first slabs could reach the dock in the first quarter of 2010. The Alabama plant will process steel produced in Brazil and will have a capacity of 5 million tns/yr.
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