Ultrasonic inspection techniques from NDE Professionals

NDE Professionals Inc. (NPI) offers Ultrasonic testing, which is a versatile inspection technique that is used to test a variety of both metallic and non-metallic products such as welds, forgings, plate, tubing, plastics, and ceramics. Ultrasonic tests introduces high frequency sound waves into the test specimen and, an evaluation of any returning echoes or loss of sound energy is used to determine material soundness.  Ultrasonic tests are capable of economically revealing subsurface discontinuities in a variety of materials. 

NPI provides Quality Assurance, Quality Control and limited NDT services to industry. These services are marketed to business and industries desiring professional quality assurance, quality control, quality training, quality auditing, non-destructive testing and NDT Level III services.  

Image credit: NDE Professionals Inc.