TMK and IRE-POLUS to Use Laser Technology in Pipe Manufacturing

TMK, one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, and IRE-POLUS, the founder and a core asset of IPG Photonics Corporation, an R&D group, have signed a programme for joint development and adoption of laser technology in pipe manufacturing at TMK sites. The document was signed at Metal-Expo’2021, the 27th International Industrial Exhibition.

The programme is designed to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes for tubular products and parts through laser technology as well as to explore new applications for these technologies. The parties intend to implement a number of projects across a range of areas by 2023, including new high-tech products with improved performance; improvements to manufacturing and repair technology to maximise cost efficiency; R&D-intensive solutions; and equipment upgrades.

In particular, the partners plan to use laser welding solutions for tubular products and parts to design a “next-generation pipeline” model of high-strength steel. The programme also aims to harness laser welding technology for casing and stainless steel pipes.

Another collaboration will include the use of laser cladding and hardening to restore the operability of tools, parts and accessories used in pipe manufacturing. The technology will extend equipment service life and improve product performance, such as resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, impact, and abrasion. The two companies will also look into using manual laser welding for repairing pipe weld seams and body and for upgrading the existing laboratory laser installations at TMK facilities to create a new laser technology platform.

Courtesy of TMK.

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