Titanium and the aerospace industry

In the Stainless Steel World Americas article, ‘Titanium and the aerospace industry: Economically linked but not mutually exclusive’, written by the editorial team, looks at how the aerospace industry is rapidly growing, and how material selection is extremely important in the industry. The chosen material needs to enable the aircraft to be strong but simultaneously lightweight in order to save on fuel costs. However, the material also needs to be able to withstand severely corrosive service environments. 

“Titanium is one such material; once considered an exotic, rare metal, it is now widely used for aircraft construction. In fact, the aerospace industry and the metal are economically linked as the sector is the leading consumer for titanium alloy products, accounting for 11% of all purchases,” the article describes. “Titanium helps the entire industry fly lighter, safer, and cheaper than ever before, but it must be kept in mind that the material can be successfully used for much more than just the aerospace sector.”

For the full article, please email Catarina Muia at c.muia@kci-world.com for the PDF.
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