The four characteristics of sheet metal

In this week’s article, ‘The four characteristics of sheet metal that you and your pressbrake must know’, written by Andrea Guderzo, sales director and area manager of Gasparini Industries U.S.A, we look at how one of the unavoidable side effects of press brakes is frame deformation. The stainless steel gets bent with mild steel, which, for physical reasons, will have its deflection; in particular, the ram will bow in the center. At that point, the punch will be farther away from the die, then resulting in a wider angle. Therefore, the bent profile will have a boat-like shape. This article explains how even a small difference can turn metal-forming into a process full of pitfalls.

“This deformation is compensated with crowning: The table is pushed upwards to keep the die at a constant distance from the ram,” Guderzo explains. “There are two types of crowning: The former uses a series of wedges to raise the die mechanically; the latter uses short-stoke hydraulic cylinders embedded into the bench.”

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