Tenaris Joins Steel Manufacturers Association

The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) has announced that Tenaris in the US has joined the association.

“We are pleased to welcome Tenaris in the USA to the SMA. It is important that the American EAF steel industry, come together to address common challenges and to pursue common goals. We welcome Mr. Zanotti to our board of directors, and we look forward to Tenaris in the USA contributing as a producer member,” said SMA President Philip K. Bell.

The Steel Manufactures Association is an industry trade organization that represents the American electric arc furnace (EAF) steel industry.

Tenaris has a strong presence in the States, where it has invested approximately $11B since 2006 to grow its industrial footprint and its product portfolio, driven by its expanding talent base, becoming the largest producer of steel pipes in the US.

Steel production at Tenaris’s Koppel, PA, melt shop, which uses a lower carbon intensive process based on EAF technology, got underway in 2021 following a year-long investment of more than $15M in upgrades. The company has expanded its US workforce by 1,400 since late 2020 and has been boosting production across its facilities, including its Koppel steel mill where it most recently reactivated the heat treatment and finishing lines.

“We believe in the strength of domestic manufacturing, a shared vision with SMA. Through our full scope of operations, from steel production to the manufacturing of pipes and streamlined, simplified supply chain, we are contributing to America’s important development of its energy sources. I am honored to join the SMA board and look forward to our collaboration to advance the goals of the steel sector and for a healthy manufacturing industry,” said Luca Zanotti, Tenaris US President.

Courtesy of Tenaris.

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