Stainless steel in the flow treat market

In the market report ‘The future of the U.S. stainless steel flow and treat market’, Robert McIlvaine, President of The McIlvaine Company, analyzes how the U.S. government’s endeavor to maximize employment, and possibly gross domestic product (GDP), can provide insight into the economic future use of stainless steel for the manufacturing of valves, mixers, pumps, filters, piping, and centrifuges. 

“Insight into the future of the stainless steel industry can also be gained, however, by adopting and considering the different perspectives of key industry players,” McIlvaine writes. “Stainless steel purchasers, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and importers of offshore products all have different previsions on what to expect in terms of the domestic and international sales within the industry.”
For the full market report, please email Catarina Muia at for the article PDF.
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