Stainless sculpture takes flight

A stainless steel sculpture called “East Gate/West Gate” was lifted from the Indianapolis Museum of Art – its home since 1973 – and carried by helicopter along the White River to the IUPUI campus downtown. The sculpture is made up of 2000lbs of stainless steel. After removing the bolts that held it to the ground, a crew from IMA prepared the mass of tubes for flight. After hours of strapping, taping, double strapping and triple checking, the sculpture was ready to head south. On cue from the ground, the helicopter crept over the museum grounds, hooked up and moved out. Up over the trees and down the river. The flight of stainless steel tubes took about 10 minutes from liftoff to touchdown. The artwork finally came to rest on the lawn on campus, nestled between buildings and sidewalks. The sculpture is on loan to the university. It will be installed by the Engineering and Technology Building and is one of four pieces of art the IMA has placed on the IUPUI campus.
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