Stainless sculpture of steel worker

Natrona, Pennsylvania’s history is forever linked to industry, and that is the focus of a new park, and a new sculpture being planned there. Although Penn Salt evolved into a chemical conglomerate, it eventually became overshadowed in Natrona by the steel industry and Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp., now known as ATI-Allegheny Ludlum. It is the steel industry that is the focus of the heritage park, according to Godfrey and Stephen Paulovich, the New Kensington native who is a renowned Louisville, Kenntucky-based sculptor. The park’s dominant structure will be a sculpture of an 8ft high steel worker set on a base that will have the sculpture rise 18ft above the park. To underscore the community’s ties to steelmaking even further, Mr Paulovich wants to cast the sculptures in stainless steel, Allegheny Ludlum’s core product for decades. He wants to get some of the welders from Allegheny Ludlum to come down and help them put this together.

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