Stainless pressure transmitter for heat pumps

Kavlico has developed a new version of the PT250 pressure transmitter designed specifically for installation in heat pump systems. Incorporating a piezo-resistive sense element, these rugged, all-welded, 304L stainless steel constructed devices have an integral pipe pressure connection that is welded at the pressure source. The PT250 is compatible with the following heat pump systems: air to air; air to water; water to water; water to air; ground to water; and ground to air. Pressure ranges for the PT250 are available from 0–6 through 0–400Bar. Operating on a supply voltage of 9 to 32Vdc, the transmitters provide a 4-20mA linear analog output that is proportional to pressure. The operating temperature range is -15 to +85C, while storage temperature is -40 to +125C. The fast response devices are RFI/EMI and reverse polarity protected. The stainless steel isolation diaphragm is compatible with most industrial fluids and gaseous media. Capable of operation in harsh environments with high vibration, these accuracy transmitters can be supplied with a Packard, M12, or DIN electrical connector. The PT250 has a shelf life of 10 years and a 1 million full pressure cycle minimum operating capacity.
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