Siemens launches new 4-megawatt offshore wind turb

Siemens Energy has launched its new offshore wind turbine – the SWT 4.0-130. This new wind turbine features a generating capacity of four megawatts (MW) and a rotor diameter of 130 meters. The new design is a further advancement of the popular SWT 3.6 family, more units of which have been sold and installed worldwide than any other offshore wind turbine. Siemens took the opportunity of the EWEA Conference to also introduce its new platform concept for wind turbines.
Siemens new SWT 4.0-130 wind turbine utilizes all of the key technologies of the proven 3.6-MW family. The nacelle and tower are advanced variants of the 3.6-MW wind turbine design
Since December 2012, the prototype of the SWT 4.0-130 has been installed and commissioned at the Osterild Test Center in Denmark and is showing excellent performance. Serial production is expected to commence in 2015.
“The advancements designed into the SWT 4.0-130 increase energy capture by up to 15 per cent over our best-selling SWT 3.6-120 type,” said Chief Technology Officer at Siemens’ Energy Sector’s Wind Power Division, Henrik Stiesdal.

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