Saw blades for stainless

LS Starrett Co. has introduced a new line of carbide tipped band saw blades named Advanz. The new blade line offers a special tooth tip cylinder of high quality sub-micron grain carbide with a triple-chip grind, welded to a tough, ductile back. These new blades also feature carbide-to-back bonding and offer fatigue, shock, wear and strip resistance when cutting difficult-to-machine materials. Starrett’s Advanz Blades are available in “FS” and “TS” configurations. FS is designed for a range of difficult to cut materials such as fiberglass, masonite, plastics, composites, aluminum castings and abrasive wood. TS features a special tooth profile for efficient cutting of very difficult to machine steels including high-alloy metals, titanium, stainless steel, and inconel. The new carbide tipped line includes a wide range of thicknesses from 3/4in x  .035in to 3 1/8in x .063in, in a complete range of positive rake pitches. Available lengths include 100ft, 150ft coils, and welded-to-length on 2 5/8in x .063in and 3 1/8in x .063 blades.
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