Rexa opens enrolment for 2014 training classes

REXA, the industry leader in electro-hydraulic actuation technology, opened enrolment for its training classes in October at the company’s headquarters in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

REXA’s hands-on training classes educate attendees on the overall functionality of REXA’s Electraulic technology, as well as calibration, cabling, electrical and mechanical installation, inspection, maintenance, as well as other considerations. These classes are also available on-demand at the company’s Houston facility, and can be held at customer sites upon request.

REXA’s Electraulic technology combines the simplicity of electric operation, the power of hydraulics, the reliability of solid-state electronics and the flexibility of user configured control. Electraulic actuators offer a self-contained, positive pressure, sealed system, with low power consumption, no filters and no hydraulic power unit. REXA’s design eliminates the high frequency maintenance requirements normally associated with hydraulics, reduces the amount of oil in the system by more than 90 percent, and allows for the use of bio-degradable ‘food grade’ oil as an option to eliminate environmental concerns.

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