The Stainless Steel World Research Channel has been specially designed to meet the markets’ increasing need for the resolution of complex technological and informational challenges.

With the close support of CRA professionals and materials experts, specialist companies and trade associations from around the world we have developed a progressive ‘one stop shop’ that provides access to accurate and reliable data, knowledge and professional experience.

Thanks to the comprehensive package of tailor made reports, books, software, news feeds, professional consultancy features and topic-specific learning programmes, Stainless Steel World Research provides the power behind today’s fast-paced information flow!

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Understanding Stainless Steels: The Centenary Edition

“Understanding Stainless Steels” has been one of the British Stainless Steel Association’s most popular books. It’s even required reading material for all editors working for Stainless Steel World magazine!

Understanding Stainless Steels: The Centenary Edition” has been updated with the latest information on grades and surfacing techniques, and with better quality images throughout the publication.

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