Praxair starts up plant to supply Brazil

White Martins, the Brazil-based subsidiary of Praxair, Inc. has started up a new air separation plant in the state of Mato Grosso, in Brazil’s fast growing Midwest region. As part of a long-term contract, Praxair will supply Eldorado Celulose e Papel’s single-line pulp mill, which will be the largest in the world.
The new air separation unit will have the capacity to produce 220 tons per day of oxygen, nitrogen and argon. Oxygen is a critical component in Eldorado’s manufacturing process. Oxygen delignification, used in the pulp bleaching process, reduces active chlorine requirements, providing significant operating cost advantages and environmental benefits. The plant will also supply local merchant liquid customers in the Brazilian Midwest and in the neighboring state of Sao Paulo in markets such as petrochemicals, metals and healthcare.

“This is Praxair’s fifth plant in this region, which further enhances our production and distribution capabilities,” said president of White Martins, Domingos Bulus. “We look forward to playing an important role in Eldorado’s ongoing growth and contributing to the industrial and economic development of this region.”
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