Plantex Cool Top flap discs

US-based CS Unitec Inc. has released Plantex Cool Top flap discs composed of a high-tech compound specifically developed for grinding stainless steel. The discs’ abrasive fabric is 100% pure zirconium and has an additional top-size coating. The abrasive structure reduces heat and increases grinding production on stainless steel and super alloys. These discs feature a backing plate made of natural hemp with a polypropylene binder. Safer working conditions result from the elimination of fiberglass, mineral fibers and epoxy resin in the backing plate. This hemp fiber high-tech compound also provides high insulating, vibration damping and noise-reducing properties. The disc automatically reduces in size during grinding, allowing 100% utilization of the abrasive fabric. These environmentally-friendly discs minimize pollution from production to waste disposal. The discs are available in diameters of 4in, 4-1/2in, 5in and 7in and in grits of 40 and 60. These discs are suitable for speeds of 5000 to 8000RPM and can run at a maximum of 13,300RPM.
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