Oil discovery appraised

Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Corridor Resources Inc. has announced plans to appraise an oil discovery 3km SE of its McCully gas field in southern New Brunswick. The South Branch G-36 well flowed clean, 45 degree gravity oil at the rate of 59bpd without water through production tubing after 10 days’ clean-up of frac fluid. Producing interval is the Hiram Brook member of the Mississippian Albert formation at 1574-1612m. The frac job placed 30tns of proppant before being prematurely ended due to a frozen water line, which may have reduced the frac’s effectiveness. A pump will be installed for long-term test. Corridor also ran a frac in Hiram Brook at 1757-1840.5m, resulting in a show of oil and no measurable gas. This interval is considered tight, but another 31m of potential oil pay previously reported as gas pay in the Upper Hiram Brook have not yet been completed.
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