Nippon Steel leads indices for ESG investment

Nippon Steel Corporation has been selected as a constituent both of the ‘FTSE4Good Index Series’ and the ‘FTSE Blossom Japan Index,’ well-renowned Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) investment indices, for the second year in a row. At the same time, NS Solutions Corporation, a  Nippon Steel subsidiary, has also been selected as a constituent of both indices.
In a press release, Nippon Steel explains that the earth is an “iron planet”, with one-third of its weight being iron. “Steel is a superb material with abundant reserves, high strength, a high cost-performance ratio, outstanding recyclability, and low environmental impacts both in production and from the perspective of life cycle assessment (LCA). This is proven by a fact that around 90% of metals used in society is steel,” the press release continues.
With the goal to continue providing excellent products and services, Nippon Steel’s contribution to the achievement of a sustainable society has been identified as one of the main initiatives in the company’s ongoing 2020 Mid-Term Management Plan.

Image courtesy of Business Fortnight
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