Kathleen Pengel: New Head of Sales for BUTTING

08 June 2021

Kathleen Pengel took over as Head of Sales Stock sales and Special Pipes in the Stainless steel welded pipes business unit, BUTTING, on May 1st, 2021. Together with her team, her primary goal is to respond faster and more selectively to customer requests in order to create significant added value for customers. 

BUTTING moved from a function-oriented to a process-oriented organization at the end of 2019. The purpose of this internal restructuring was to maintain competitiveness. With the recently merged Stock sales and Special pipes team in the Stainless steel welded pipes business unit, BUTTING in Knesebeck is meeting both this goal and their customers' demand for an effective, flexible and dynamic organizational structure. 

Anna Negri, Director of Sales, Purchasing and Project Management in this business unit, explains: "I'm delighted that we've been able to recruit Kathleen Pengel to lead the team and that the business unit will be able to benefit from her experience in the future. Kathleen Pengel has been working in our family business since her apprenticeship as an Industrial management assistant. After studying business administration, she worked in the marketing department and as Head of Market Development at BUTTING in Knesebeck. During this time, she supervised various process optimisation projects. The development and implementation of sales tools to open up new markets as well as to acquire customers was one of her main tasks and will be equally important in her new role.” 

Kathleen Pengel is clearly focused on her new job: "Customer proximity is essential for a successful sales activity, but so is employee proximity. Only this combination can deliver successful results – and that's what I want to work on." 

Courtesy of BUTTING.