AMETEK Surface Vision expands global 24/7 support

29 April 2021

AMETEK Surface Vision has reinforced its telephone support service with digital tools to provide best-in-class 24/7 emergency technical assistance, globally. Called ‘Global 24/7’, this support system utilizes state-of-the-art remote access, virtual collaboration, and telecommunications tools to dynamically resource technical support from a pool of experts located across the globe. This ensures timely and universal support for AMETEK Surface Vision’s global installation base of thousands of systems and customers. 

The typical customers of AMETEK Surface Vision are industrial plants that manufacture metals, paper, plastics, and nonwoven materials, running around the clock with a staff operating on a shift system. They rely on their automated surface inspection systems. If, for some reason, that system does not function correctly, they may have to stop production. 

Global 24/7 is designed to address this issue by taking full advantage of the company’s global support network. Bringing in team members from all regions allows the service to be staffed 24/7 by technical experts and offers customers continuous support wherever located in the world. 

Inspection system customers are offered a choice of purchasing standard business hours support or the Global 24/7 service. 

Courtesy of AMETEK Surface Vision.