Nixu prepares Outokumpu for cyber threats

19 April 2021

Outokumpu, a global leader in stainless steel manufacturing, has found multiple benefits in outsourcing their IT security monitoring to Nixu Cyber Defense Center. Outokumpu can focus on its core work as Nixu’s cybersecurity experts stay alert around the clock. 

Outokumpu is an industry forerunner in sustainability with the highest percentage of recycled content, over 90%. Digitalization plays a crucial role in Outokumpu’s operations in over 30 countries with approximately 10,000 employees.  

IT dependency is critical for a global industrial company and affects every employee on each level and location. As Outokumpu takes the steps towards fully digitalized operations, the IT calls for capabilities in different sectors. The current threat landscape requires cybersecurity expertise, active mitigation and proactive protection. 

Outokumpu has been a Nixu partner for several years, and the co-operation continues. The service includes 24/7 monitoring in Nixu Cyber Defense Center (CDC), regular briefing on security events and incidents, and staying in close contact with third-party vendors and operators. 

Nixu’s CDC services detect and respond to anomalies in Outokumpu’s network. Cybersecurity professionals ensure Outokumpu’s network runs smoothly and without interruption day and night. If there are any exceptions to the traffic, they are investigated and reported immediately. 

Courtesy of Nixu & Outokumpu.