Following safety tips during the welding process

08 March 2021

Stainless steel is a durable and preferred material of construction that can accept many types of welding processes, including shielded metal arc and submerged arc. Regardless of the welding process used, safety concerns must be addressed, and Arc Machines Inc. has rounded up tips to address the potential hazards of stainless steel welding. 

What are these hazards?

Exposure to toxic fumes generated during the welding process can sometimes lead to dermatitis, eye and other organ damage, respiratory irritation, asthma, pulmonary congestion and cancer. Arc welders must also be cognizant of electric shock risks.

How can welders work safely and protect themselves?

• Select a stainless steel grade that contains a lower chromium content but meets strength, temperature resistance and other requirements in order to reduce toxic fume production.

• Use PPE (personal protective equipment) such as coveralls, boots, and gloves. Welding helmets equipped with powered air purifying respirators are recommended.

• Use forced ventilation near the welding process to quickly disperse fumes.

• Deploy an automatic welding process, such as orbital TIG welding, where the weld head is controlled remotely and the welder is removed from the immediate vicinity of the arc.

Image credit: Arc Machines Inc.