Improving corrosion resistance of stainless steel parts

25 February 2021

Customers can solve their corrosion problems and prevent premature part failure with electropolishing from Able Electropolishing. Electropolishing is an process that enhances corrosion resistance on a variety of alloys, particularly metals that may not be suitable for passivation. Metals like stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steels, cooper, brass, and more benefit from this process.

The process removes embedded iron, heat tints, oxide scale, contaminants, and other materials that aren't removed during the passivation process. Recommended for parts that need to withstand high humidity or corrosive environments, electropolishing removes the surface skin without changing the size or dimensions of a part, making it ideal for parts that must be very specific sizes. 

Watch the video to learn more.

Image credit: Able Electropolishing