Hardfacing and thermal spray powders for coatings

04 February 2021

AMETEK’s metal powder plant in Eighty Four, PA, produces many different powders for thermal spray surface coating applications. Metal powder is manufactured through an advanced water atomization process that enables the business to offer high levels of customization. The powder is engineered to have desirable thermal spraying characteristics that produce high quality coatings, enhancing the performance of the component being coated. 

The powders are used in coatings that increase the hardness, wear, abrasion, and/or corrosion resistance of the surface to extend a product’s lifespan and offer total component cost savings. High performance alloys used include Ni-Cr-Si-Fe-B family products, Ni-based corrosion alloys, and Co-based wear alloys that offer a wide variety of hardness levels and machinability. These products are highly sought-after for several deposition techniques, both with and without carbide reinforcement. 

These products are commonly used for valving, pump components, corrosion protection, and flow path wear mitigation. Each alloy used is designed to allow for maximum density of the coating. 

Courtesy of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products.