Nippon Steel makes investments for quality improvement

23 November 2020

As a part of actions toward improving manufacturing capacity and quality of electrical steel sheets, Nippon Steel Corporation has decided to newly expand its electrical steel sheet facilities in the Setouchi Works Hirohata, along with the measures previously announced for the Setouchi Works Hirohata and Kyushu Works Yawata. This series of measures to improve capacity and quality will take full effect during the first half of 2023, with manufacturing capacity expected to increase by approximately 40%. 

Steady expansion is forecast in worldwide demand for electricity and electric transformers as the world's population and economy grow, particularly in emerging countries. Furthermore, efficiency regulations around the world on electric transformers are tightening to satisfy the need to reduce CO2 emissions. As such, it is believed that the demand for high-grade material with less energy loss for grain-oriented electrical steel sheets, used in the iron cores of electrical transformers, will be higher than ever. 

This investment represents a timely response to satisfy the ever-strengthening requirements for achieving a carbon-neutral world. 

Nippon Steel will pursue world-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities, and will continue to contribute to the development of society through stable provision of highly effective, high-grade electrical steel sheets that are consistent with the United Nations' "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)." 

Courtesy of Nippon Steel.