New ultra-high temp drilling fluid by M-I SWACO

M-I SWACO has announced the release of the RHADIANT ultra-high temperature non-aqueous drilling fluid system. M-I SWACO is a Schlumberger company. The system eliminates drilling fluid product degradation, prevents wellbore control issues such as barite sag and provides a thin filter cake for enhanced logging conditions.

RHADIANT drilling fluid system is formulated to maintain stable rheologies with little maintenance required.

“With wellbores approaching the 500 degree Fahrenheit threshold, there is a need for a drilling fluid that can remain stable and deliver consistent performance throughout the processes of well construction and openhole logging,” said president of M-I SWACO Joe Bacho in a press release. “The RHADIANT drilling fluid system has a field-proven record of providing excellent logging conditions to enable efficient operations and quality reservoir characterization.”

Meanwhile, Schlumberger has also recently released the Saturn 3D radial probe, which enables formation testing in low-permeability and unconsolidated reservoirs.

With the Saturn probe, pressure measurements and fluid samples can now be obtained where they were not previously possible due to reservoir conditions.

“Customers expect Schlumberger to be able to fully characterize reservoir fluids in today’s complex reservoir environments,” said president, Schlumberger Wireline, Catherine MacGregor. “Whether the reservoir is unconsolidated, has low permeability or contains heavy oil, we can now perform pressure measurements and downhole fluid analysis and bring high-quality samples to surface.”

The Saturn probe is comprised of four elliptical suction probes mounted at 90 degree intervals circumferentially around the tool, providing the largest surface flow area of any probe in the industry—more than 500 times that of a standard probe.

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