New publications from AFS

AFS has released three new publications. They include Hearing Loss Prevention in Metalcasting, ASTM A247 Iron Casting Graphite Microstructure Rating Chart and the 2010 Wage and Benefits Survey. The members of AFS Environmental, Health & Safety Committee (10-Q) prepared Hearing Loss Prevention in Metalcasting to provide metalcasters with updated information and guidance to support problems that address noise exposure issues in the workplace. Prepared by the AFS Cast Iron Division Quality Control Committee (5-J) with the approval of the ASTM Committee A04 on Iron Castings, the ASTM A247 Iron Casting Graphite Microstructure Rating Chart supplements ASTM specification A247, and is used to determine graphite form, size and distribution, for both gray and ductile iron. The chart uses actual, high-quality photomicrographs, a dramatic improvement compared the plates of artist renditions of graphite sizes and shapes currently offered by ASTM to supplement A247. The 2010 Survey of Wages and Economic Benefits details the status of wages and benefits for the metalcasting industry in the US and Canada by foundry size, union status and type of metal poured. This year’s survey includes reports from 119 US foundries representing 12,450 employees and 10 facilities with 501 employees in Canada.

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