New contract to modernize Brazilian hydro power pl

Voith has announced that it has been awarded a contract for the HPP Água Vermelha, run-of-river, power station on the River Grande in Brazil. The contract is one of the largest contracts for the modernization of a hydro power plant in Brazil, and the largest ever to be undertaken by a single company. The order volume amounts to nearly US$129 million (€80 million).
“In Brazil, we see an increasing trend towards modernizations in the hydro power business in addition to the continued strong focus on building new facilities,” said Dr. Roland Münch, CEO of Voith Hydro Holding in Heidenheim, Germany in a press release. “This is a trend similar to the one we have seen in other markets like in the United States or Europe – a trend we can address best with our long-term, comprehensive experience with the modernization of hydro power plants.”

Many operating companies are now upgrading their fleets after decades in operation.
Hydro power is very important in Brazil, which is South America’s most important electricity market where more than three-quarters of the electricity needed is based on hydro power.
To modernize the Água Vermelha plant, Voith Hydro will overhaul the generators and turbines as well as the associated electromechanical systems. Many components will also be completely renewed. Água Vermelha has been in operation since 1978 and holds six units with a total capacity of 1,396 MW.
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