Mounted points for stainless steel

Rex-Cut Products Inc. of Fall River, Massachusetts, has introduced a line of synthetic mounted points for the light deburring blending, and polishing of precision machined and cast parts. Rex-Cut Mebabrite Mounted Points are made from a non-woven synthetic that is compressed, bonded, impregnated with abrasives, and designed for light deburring, blending, and polishing. Available with medium and fine grits and soft and hard densities, they provide smooth, chatter-free operation on precision machined and cast parts without changing their geometry. Suitable for finishing critical parts made from stainless steel, titanium, and exotic alloys, the mounted points conform well to contours, radii, holes, and edges. Available in over 150 industry standard A, B, and W shapes with 1/8in and 1/4in shanks, in aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasives, they are easy to dress to fit profiles and hard to reach areas.

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